1st August 2018

BBQ Time!

We have all been getting amazing weather this summer and everyone?s rusty, dusty BBQ?s have been getting the use they deserve rather than sitting in a garage or under a cover.

With this increase in use comes the challenge of finding great new ideas to throw on your home BBQ and also great ways to cook new meats and vegetables you haven?t tried before. Here at Meadowbrook Produce we want to share our tried and tested tips and recipes with you; we know a thing or two about meat and BBQ-ing on our own American style on the road smokehouse BBQ. Below are our top tips to nail your al-fresco dining!


Number 1. Fuel

This is super important and can make or break your BBQ. All of you have had that panic moment when you light the BBQ too late… with flames leaping you saying ?Yes it is supposed to be black, charred which adds to the flavor!? knowing full well it is just burnt! Or we have been all prepared and light too early and then end up struggling to cook everything through (thank god for the oven inside is normally the thought).

So make sure the coal is untreated, and if you can, buy from a local wood and charcoal supplier. Stay well clear of the cheap supermarket stuff it is normally tiny pieces, which hold no heat and treated with chemicals to make it burn more easily. these guys are well worth trying.


Number 2. The Produce:

It is no secret that you get what you pay for and with meat and vegetables this is the same. Try getting to the butchers to buy meat if the pocket will allow it and markets are a great place to get fresh vegetables you maybe wouldn?t find in larger shops. You will also find the freshness and quality is better as a result.

With red meat it is a good idea to take it out of the fridge and place it out of direct sunlight in a coolish place just to come up to room temperature. This will help you to cook it to perfection especially if your cooking items like steaks where you may be cooking them for different lengths of time.

Seasoning and marinades are a great way to liven things up and 24 hours is a minimum length of time we would recommend for this, as it needs time to get in there and do its thing.

Our Cajun rub works really well with chicken, pork or veggies:

10g salt 10g celery salt 15kg paprika 5g oregano 5g thyme 10g onion powder 10g garlic powder 10g white pepper 5g chipotle


Number 3. The secret ingredient:

Some of you may already know about these little beauties and be muttering at the screen ?that?s not new I have been using one for ages?!

A metal BBQ starter is the one piece of kit worth spending money on. Forget your gold plated extra long BBQ tongs or leather apron this piece of kit will change your life. Forget the days of moving your chair round and round the BBQ trying

to avoid the smoke – they have gone! These starters will also reduce your hot coal wait time from around 30-45 mins to 15 max, if you get it right.

They are all over the place this summer but Aldi have them in for ?5 which is the cheapest I have seen. Trust me, if you disregard the rest of the blog and just take from it this piece of advice, you will be thankful.


Look out for the next blog where we will showcase a few of our recipes and marinades.

Roll on summer and the BBQ?s will continue to sizzle …


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