Dorset Charcuterie

Sourcing free-range, wild or traditional breeds directly from small farms within the area...

General Details

Our product range of Dorset charcuterie includes;

  • Pork – Coppa, Air-Dried Pork Loin (Lomo or Lonzino), Pancetta, Air-Dried Ham, Salami, Lardo, smoked loin of pork
  • Salamis?– we make a variety of salamis including a simple Geneo Salami, Venison salami, Pepperoni, Veal, Truffle, Lamb and Chorizo and a cooking chorizo
  • Beef – Air-Dried Beef (Bresaola), Salt Beef
  • Venison ? Salami, Venison Bresaola
  • Duck – Smoked Breast of Duck, Duck Confit, Air Dried Duck Breast,
  • Pheasant – Smoked Pheasant breasts (seasonal)
  • Poultry ? Smoked chicken breast, whole smoked chicken.
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