17th January 2018

Welcome to Meadowbrook Produce

Welcome to Meadowbrook Produce. This is the launch of our new website and blog. We hope this may grow into a source of food and photography inspiration for all.

The food scene in Hampshire and Dorset is constantly growing. More restaurants are using local ingredients due to more awareness, because of local farmers markets and more availability of local produce.

Any decent restaurant will support a local business, both for the local economy and the environment, because of this they can really set their sustainability efforts apart.

Using local companies helps the local economy and supports local employment.?If you eat seasonally you will reduce the amount of energy used to store your food and if you eat locally you will reduce the amount of energy it takes to transport your food. Thus helping the environment.

The flavours and nutrients of local and seasonal food are generally much richer and more complex. Which equally has better health benefits.

We hope you continue to follow our blog and watch our story.

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